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Puma Orbita 1 TB FIFA Quality Pro Ball

Puma Orbita 1 TB FIFA Quality Pro Ball

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Puma Orbita 1 TB FIFA Quanlity Pro Ball


The Orbita 1 is our top level match ball with outstanding performance criteria for the highest level of football.


  • High frequency moulded ball: Excellent shape retention, durability and reduced water absorption. Soft touch when kicking the ball
  • New 12-panel concept: Equally shaped and sized panels, provide a perfectly balanced weight contribution and the enlarged and deep seams guarantee a positive effect on the aerodynamics
  • 3D textured 1.2mm PU surface: Improved durability and aerodynamics
  • Newly developed POE foam: Provides a firm touch, improved consistency of rebound and explosive power
  • Rubber bladder + PAL (Puma Air Lock) valve: Excellent air retention and rebound
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